Mind The Groove con VALERIA PINHEIRO (Brazil)

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For the second time at Jimmy Slyde Institute Barcelona, a master of theater , contemporary dance and true tap innovator: Valeria Pinheiro.

Saturday February 4th – From 10am to 12pm
Meet the Artist / Master class/ Jam
20 EUR (with reservation)
25 EUR (door)
Calle Nou de Dulce 1 (Metro Sant Antoni)

Creator of Teatro Dos Marias in Fortaleza, Brazil, Valeria has led a worldwide career as the director of the VATA company, a unique theater and dance troup blending the music and tradiiton of the Nordeste of Brazil with contemporary and physical performance, always utilizing original music, voice, multi´-media and tap as the main vehicules for her expression.

Since the last three decades, her avant-garde approach of the art of tap allied to her notorious generous spirit, have been a main force on the south american tap scene.

Her originality and distinct voice owed her the interest of tap masters such as Jimmy Slyde, who has been a source of inspiration all throughout her experimentations in the tap field and beyond.

A lover of dance and music, she has travelled Africa, Europe, the US, Canada and more, to study and research on music, drummings, rituals of trance….

Her presence at Jimmy Slyde Institute makes her collaborations with Roxane Butterlly come full circle.

Watch videos of Valeria Pinheiro´s VATA company:

RESERVE By sending an email to > rb.worldbeats@gmail.com

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