JSI TAP DANCE TRAINING mainly focuses on tap history, technique, composition, choreography, tap standards, musicality, investigation and improvisation.
Jimmy Slyde Institute is the name that was naturally given over time to the studio space where tap dance creator Roxane Butterfly,_ one of the few remaining heir of hoofing master Jimmy Slyde, came up with her methodology.

By offering an intimate and authentic environment, students have been able to widen their understanding of tap, not only as a technical practice, but as jazz culture.

THE TEACHER : Beside her spectacular career as a performer, soloist and artistic director, underground tap dance icon Roxane Butterfly has taught in New York for over two decades (New York University, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway) and all around the world, including the Institute del Teatre (Barcelona), Impulstanz Festival (Vienna), Conservatoire des Arts Dramatiques (Rabat, Morocco), Centre National de La Danse (Paris), TanzFabrik (Berlin) and more…Roxane was a protegee of the great late Jimmy Slyde who christened her Butterfly in 1993 for her light and speedy approach of the floor. For an extensive biography of her numerous artistic achievements, visit www.roxanebutterfly.com

Today you can find Roxane teaching her  JSI workshops in Paris, Barcelona and on-the-road, in the form of regular classes and intensives sessions, master classes and coaching. The workshops also include Jams sessions, showcases, conferences, tap dance intensives, films and more.


From Thursday October 19th on,  8.30-10pm
 Thursday Tapfor inter-advanced with Roxane!!!!

Centre de danse Rick Odums.Centre International de Danse de Jazz Contact tout public : 54 A, rue de Clichy – 75009  Paris


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