Tap dance Intensives

Tap dance intensives with
Roxane Butterfly

What are the tap dance intensives?

Sessions intensives de tap dance de 3 a 6 jours. Technique, choregraphy, composition, musicality, movement, tap history.
Jam sessions with live music. Tap Talks. Films. Coaching

Next series of tap intensives :

July 3-7 : ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS (basic)
July 20-21-22 : TAP LAB (Advanced + Pro)
July 24- 28: JAZZ HOOFER TRAINING (Inter + Adv.)
July 31-August 4: TAP RESIDENCY (Adv.)

Summer Tap 2016

Feed Backs des stagiaires

”The best learning experience I had on the european continent”_Ana Pepine (Romania)

”The secret ingredient to sex is love. The secret ingredient to tap is Roxane Butterfly”
_Andrius R. (Lituania)

”One good reason to move to Barcelona” _Julie Lobato (France)

”Jimmy Slyde Institute is a sun in my life” _Gry Gaasnes (Norway)

”I would follow this teacher on top of a moutain”_Jonas Nemyr
(co-founder of Stockholm Tap Festival, Sweden)

”All I have learned about improvisation, I have learned here’‘_Adele Joel (Londres)

”I don’t know how to start to explain all I learned here”_Riley Skworoda (Canada)

”Exactly what I needed to give a twist to my brain” _Federica Loredan (Italy)

”Thankful that someone is keeping tap where it should be”_Nick Kemeny (Germany)

”Grateful to be able to be in the presence of a tap master” _Olga Smotritkaya (Russia)

”We learn so much here, because we have a good time, the ambiance is great!”
_Emmanuel Washington (California)

”How do I want to come back!” _Karin Rendelman (New York)

”An honor to be able to benefitiate from such an experience” _Maria Orfanou (Greece)