Tap Dance Days in Dusseldorf

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Join us for Tap Dance Days in Dusseldorf May 30th to June 2nd! My favorite tap venue in Europe!

I will be teaching my JAZZ BECAUSE workshop. It is fun for students and teachers alike and gives you tool to constructive self-practice. It will complement nicely the FLOOR FLOW workshop which focuses on stylistic.

The class will explore various approaches to building solos, dancing melodies, whether improvised or choreographed. You will hear tracks from distinct eras of jazz, from traditional swing, to bebop, free jazz and conceptual jazz. You will also be engaged in a play on phrasing, breathing, interaction, time keeping, constructive deconstruction, quality of sounds, and collective improvisation. It is all about leadership skills on the band stand.

You can check here the various feed-backs of students who came thru the experience while I developed the concept of this class at J.S.I in the past decade.

And here is the link to Tap Dance Days

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