New York

”Roxane is the John Coltrane of dance”
_New York Times

”A Tap diva that one has to see to believe”
_ Ballet Review

”Musicaly bold and engaging”
_ Musical America


Roxane Butterfly is an improvographer, an instant choreographer, a dancing-musician who can sing with her feet. Rooted in the jazz culture, her primary inspirations come to her from Africa and her native Mediterraneans. Her expression is a tool she uses against all forms of separatism. She writes her dance as spontaneously as she lives her life. Free form. Trance is her criteria. Her strength: direct collective improvisation. Her attempt: To let all the spirits and lands that she lived thru, resonate in her gesture and her sound.

” My masters taught me to use my dance to help create a sound that would echo the world I live in.  A world where the skill to listen and hear, is often altered by the culture of the Image. A world where silence is lived as a form of death, rather than a breath. A world still suffering from its old hierarchies between oral and written traditions, which often grandifies the solitary linear eurocentric choreographic process, to the detriment of the circularity of spontaneous collective forms inherited from the non-occidental parts… like Tap dance. Tap dance, this unknown and rebellious expression, systematically translated and disowned from its very name, that few can call and speak…which too few know how to love… because tap stands right on the edge of both Sacred and Profane…”
                                                         _ Roxane Butterfly


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