New York

Artiste de Tap Dance

“Roxane Butterfly is the John Coltrane of dance”
_ The New York Times

”A tap diva that has to be seen to be believed!”
_ Ballet Review

”In the male dominated world of tap, Roxane has it all:
Looks, charisma, talent”

_ The New York Times


Sought after for her exceptional talent as an improviser, Roxane Butterfly has been a prominent tap dance figure for tap dance for almost three decades, both in the United States but also in Europe. Born in Toulon (South of France), she is the first woman in the history of “tap dance” to have won the prestigious Bessie Award (at the 1999 Joyce Theater in New York). She represents a direct link to the generation of her mentors, the Original Hoofers.A real icon of the underground tap movement, she is particularly known for her daring musical experimentations in musical worlds distinct from the classic jazz tradition (from free jazz to classical music via flamenco, Arabic and Indian music, electronics etc…

The great musical quality of her percussive dance has earned her the unanimity of dance and music critics who have compared her to musicians as exemplary and diverse as the legendary jazz John Coltrane and the king of minimalism Steve Reich. Her commitment to live-music and relentless efforts to re-establish the tap presence in the jazz and world-music festivals, have been supported by many funding organizations, such as the New York Foundation for the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, USArtirsts International, John Simon Guggeheim Foundation, Harkness Dance Center, Meet The Composer etc…

She has shared the stage with no less than Benny Powell, Ron Carter, Graham Haynes, Phil Wood, Elisabeth Kontomanou, Stanley Jordan, Barre Phillips, Aldo Romano, Dennis Charles, Brice Wassy, Prabhu Edouard, Cheikh Tidiane Seick, Leonard Eto … and more….

Depuis 2010, elle développe sa pédagogie JSI (Jimmy Slyde Institute) Training  dans son atelier à Barcelone,  faisant hommage à son mentor Jimmy Slyde, grand maitre du bebop tap, qui dénomma Roxane: “Butterfly”, lors de leur rencontre en 1991 à New York. Le JSI est dédié à  la transmission, la préservation et l´innovation. Roxane partage son temps entre Barcelone, New York et Paris.


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