Project and mission

With Cie SmARTS, international tap-dance choreographer Roxane Butterfly and her teenage daughter Zuly (who has Down syndrome), team up to make their artistic expertise in the field of tap-dance and theater, accessible to all.

Tap-dance is an elaborate discipline which emphasizes rhythm thru movement. Its practice helps concrete-learners such as people with down syndrome (who generally lack abstraction), to access a wider range of concepts (volume, speed, weight, sequencing, direction … ) otherwise foreign to them. It also helps them better their concentration and socializing skills, while reinforcing their self-esteem.

Cie SmARTS is a not-for-profit organization, currently based in Paris. The company  tours internationally offering workshops and performances.

UNESCO Paris- March 13th (Int'l forum on inclusive education)

Hopital Necker (Paris)

Boli Circus (Italy) & Zénith-Omega (Paris)

New York (Saint Peter's Church)


The  Show  

Thru rhythm and movement, choreographer Roxane Butterfly engages a liberating conversation with her daughter who has Down Syndrome. Rooted in slavery, tap-dance reconnects here with its very essence as a language of empowerment.

(The show is available in French, English & Spanish)

A different kind of workshop

Whereas most inclusive dance projects are led by professionals who “adapt” their pedagogy to individuals with special needs, Cie SmARTS places Zuly (who has down syndrome), in the expert teacher’s position.  All profiles of students are welcome. Roxane provides assistance when needed. Classes are basic/beginner tap-level.

"Cantabile" par la Cie SmARTS (Mairie du XVIIIème, Paris)

Cie SmARTS @ Playground For The Arts (Athens, Greece)

Cie SmARTS @ Rhythm Tap Antwerp (Belgium)

Festival des Arts de la Marge/ Reunion Island (NOV 2022)

Fête de La Danse (Monaco) with Steven Reinhardt trio

"Blues For Zuly" (Mairie du XVIIIème, Paris)

     Why joining us?

By offering  your membership to Cie SmARTs, you contribute to manifest a meaningful interest for inclusion and our own efforts to participate in its progress. You help us enlarge our network. Your voice helsp us give one to those you do not have any. It is FREE!  Our members come from all walks of life :  Artists, journalists, health professionals, doctors, families affected by down syndrome and so forth… We count on your support!


¡Roxane Butterfly se pondrá en contacto contigo!

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