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Roxane Butterfly’s official debut as a teacher, started at Musical Theater Work for the students of New York University. She since taught at major american universities, the prestigious schools Broadway “Steps on Broadway” and “Broadway Dance Center”, as well as Stephens College, Sarah Lawrence College, Frank Sinatra High School For The Performing Arts, etc… She led numerous lectures in America (University of Virginia, American Dance Festival, Jacobs Pillow…), and in Europe : Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, Institut del Teatre Barcelona, Institute of the Performing Arts Barcelona, Impulstanz (Vienne), Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Dusseldorf Tanzhaus, Conservatoire de Rabat (Maroc)… Founder of the  Jimmy Slyde Institute in Barcelona, Roxane now resides in Paris where she trains aspiring professional dancers at the Juste Debout School, at the Conservatoire George Bizet.

Open Tap Classes § Shared Workshops
   (Adultes, enfants)


Paris Summer Tap Intensive offers a panoramic view over all the necessaries stages a dancer has to go thru to become fluent at rhythm-tap:  jazz  foundations (both technically and musically), choreographing, knowledge of tap history. Jam sessions, archives, exchanges and  coaching are also a part of the experience… All rhythm dancers can participate, whichever the level  (it is necessary to precise your level at the time of your registration).
Group classes are limited to 12 persons maximum.  Join the fun!

These workshops follow the tradition of Jimmy Slyde Institute (JSI) Tap training a program created by Roxane Butterfly  in her former home-studio in Barcelona.


  • "A good reason to want to move to Barcelona"

    Julie Lobato France
  • “I would follow this teacher on top of any mountain”

    Jonas Nemyr co-director of Stockholm Tap festival
  • “The best tap learning experience I have found in Europe"

    Ana Pepine Romania
  • "A home to touch base with oneself... JSI is so deeply inspiring..."

    Marie Gabrielle UK
  • "The kind of twist my brain needed for my tap to grow"

    Federica Loredan Italy
  • "I cannot describe the amount of knowledge I received in such a short time"

    Matisse Quaglia Canada
  • “Jimmy Slyde Institute is a sun in my life”

    Gry Elizabeth Gaasnes Norway
  • “I could not have hoped for a better training”

    Emmanuel Young California
  • ”It made me change not only the way I dance, but the way I teach”

    Xavier Estrella Denmark
  • "I would not miss any of these intensives"

    Mbango Baer France

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