JIMMY SLYDE INSTITUTE  (JSI)  is the name given over time to the studio space where tap dance creator Roxane Butterfly,_ one of the few remaining heir of hoofing master Jimmy Slyde, came up with her methodology. More than a school to learn tap steps, JSI  was an emblematic space originally designed to recreate the privileged one-on-one environment in which the tap dance culture was originally transmitted.  JSI tap training mainly focuses on tap history, technique, composition, choreography, tap standards, musicality, investigation and improvisation.  Students can widen their understanding of tap, not only as a technical practice, but as  jazz culture. The workshops can also include jams sessions, showcases, conferences, tap dance intensives, screenings. Now based in Paris, Roxane pursues her pedagogic investigations by taking the JSI tap dance training on the road, and by offering coaching online.

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The story of the Jimmy Slyde Institute in Barcelona


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