Tap dance Intensives

What are the tap dance intensives?

The Tap dance intensives offer a full panoramic on technique, choregraphy, composition, musicality, movement and contemporary tap dance history. They also come along with Jam sessions involving live-music. Tap Talks. Films. Coaching.

JULY 4th to 8th 2019 in Paris
5 days of immersion into the tap dance culture!

Summer Tap Dance Intensive in Paris this July


This year, underground New York tap icon Roxane Butterfly, will host her summer tap dance session in Paris (:it was held for 8 years at the Jimmy Slyde Institute Barcelona in Spain). It will run July 4th to 8th from 11am to 2pm at Juste Debout School. This workshop is geared towards tap dance professionals who wish to perfect their musicality, leadership skills on a live-music band stand, interprative qualities, pedagogic tools, movement and rhythm flow. Classes are taught in the spirits of the great jazz practionners known as the Original Hoofers but also highlight more contemporary areas and tendancies in the field, far from the clichés of Musicals or Stomp forever remakes. The 5 days workshop will be complemented by a serie of live-music dance events at night.

Confirmed Stages:
– TAPmatazz Night and Jam, July 5th at CIRQUE ELECTRIQUE
– Paris Open Tap Stage, July 7th at SHAKIRAIL

Summer Tap 2016

Feed Backs des stagiaires

”The best learning experience I had on the european continent”_Ana Pepine (Romania)

”The secret ingredient to sex is love. The secret ingredient to tap is Roxane Butterfly”
_Andrius R. (Lituania)

”One good reason to move to Barcelona” _Julie Lobato (France)

”Jimmy Slyde Institute is a sun in my life” _Gry Gaasnes (Norway)

”I would follow this teacher on top of a moutain”_Jonas Nemyr
(co-founder of Stockholm Tap Festival, Sweden)

”All I have learned about improvisation, I have learned here’‘_Adele Joel (Londres)

”I don’t know how to start to explain all I learned here”_Riley Skworoda (Canada)

”Exactly what I needed to give a twist to my brain” _Federica Loredan (Italy)

”Thankful that someone is keeping tap where it should be”_Nick Kemeny (Germany)

”Grateful to be able to be in the presence of a tap master” _Olga Smotritkaya (Russia)

”We learn so much here, because we have a good time, the ambiance is great!”
_Emmanuel Washington (California)

”How do I want to come back!” _Karin Rendelman (New York)

”An honor to be able to benefitiate from such an experience” _Maria Orfanou (Greece)


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