Aside her career as a soloist and choreographer, Roxane Butterfly dedicates a large part of her creative self, to transmit the knowledge of her masters, the Original Hoofers, _especially Jimmy Slyde. Her workshops reflect her efforts to preserve their traditions on a technical, musical, and ethical plan. By doing so, she also hopes to transmit the spirit of inventiveness, joy, sharing and progressiveness inherent to tap, an art form which finds its roots within the rebellion against oppression and which essence lays in the power of spontaneous and collective improvisation.

Roxane travels ongoingly to spread her knowledge of the form. Check out the agenda below and write to us about an event near you should you want detailled informations.

  • Reserve a private class / Organize a workshop with Roxane 
    January 14th-15th : Brussels – concert / workshop (Belgium)
    January 28th-29th: London Tap Jam – concert / workshop (UK)
    February 17th-21st : JSI Barcelona Winter Tap (Spain)
    March 10th-11th : Berlin / info : mc@goettlicher-entertainment.de (Germany)
    April  20th-22nd : JSI Barcelona Spring Tap Lab
    May 26th-27th :
    Antwerp & Gent (Belgium)
    July 11th-12th : HeartBeat Studio (Minneapolis, USA)
    July 13th-15th: Rhythm Weekend Tap and Solo Authentic Jazz Festival (Omaha, Nebraska)
    August 24th : Festival Applied Improvisation, Paris
    August 31st, Sept 3rd: Rocky Mountains Percussive Dance Festival, Colorado
  • AGENDA Retrospective WORKSHOPS 2017
    October 8th: Perth Dance (Australia)
    Sept 30th- October 7th : Australian Tap Dance Festival, Melbourne (Australia)
    Sept 15,16,17 + Sept 23,24: Back to School JSI  Barcelona Workshop (Spain)
    Sept 8th-9th-10th : La Cave Reunion workshops at Wheatland Music Fest (Michigan)
    Sept 1-2-3-4th Rocky Mountains Festival, Denver (Colorado)
    July 20th – 28th : Barcelona Summer Tap Intensive series (Spain)
    July 18th :Workshop and Concert at Club Garden in Riga (Latvia)
    July 14th-15th-16th : Workshop and Concert PETROJAZZ – Saint Petersburg Jazz Festival (Russia)
    June 18th :  JSI workshop in Paris (France)
    May 28th, 29th : workshop in Oslo at TickleToes (Norway)
    April 9th  : JSI workshop in Paris (France)
    March 19th : master class at American Tap Dance Foundation (New York)
    March 18th : master class at Groove Unlimited (Livingston, New Jersey)
    March 11th, 12th : workshop in Cologne (Germany)
    February 24th, 25th, 26th : Barcelona Winter Tap at JSI (Spain)
    February 15th, 20th : residency in Calgary (Canada)
    January 21th, 22th : workshop and concert in Berlin

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