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Roxane Butterfly has taught in New York for more than two decades (University of New York, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway…) and all over the world, including the Instituto del Teatre (Barcelona), Impulstanz Festival (Viena), Conservatoire des Arts Dramatiques (Rabat, Marruecos), Centre National de la Danse (Paris), Tanzfabrik (Berlin) and many more.

Roxanne offers a comprehensive training designed to tap dance that has been taught by the same hand of the great innovators of this art, as the legendary Jimmy Slyde, Roxanne’s mentor. All activities are carried out by Roxane Butterfly in her own studio, an authentic House Hoofer, in the center of Barcelona. 

Jimmy Slyde Institute is much more than a school to learn tap steps. It is the creative space of the iconic underground tap dance artist, Roxane Butterfly, and is designed to recreate the intimate and privilage one-on-one environment in which the tap dance culture was originally transmitted.

It is a place of exchange, reflection, investigation, teaching and learnings which attracts since 2012 students and professionals from all over the world. Its small size format and focus on musicality proposes an authentic tap training which has been on a crucial influence on the European tap landscape in the past five years.

Tap Dance Training
Jimmy Slyde Institute





students say

  • "A good reason to want to move to Barcelona"

    Julie LobatoFrance
  • “I would follow this teacher on top of any mountain”

    Jonas Nemyrco-director of Stockholm Tap festival
  • “The best tap learning experience I have found in Europe"

    Ana PepineRomania
  • "A home to touch base with oneself... JSI is so deeply inspiring..."

    Marie GabrielleUK
  • "The kind of twist my brain needed for my tap to grow"

    Federica LoredanItaly
  • "I cannot describe the amount of knowledge I received in such a short time"

    Matisse QuagliaCanada
  • “Jimmy Slyde Institute is a sun in my life”

    Gry Elizabeth GaasnesNorway
  • “I could not have hoped for a better training”

    Emmanuel YoungCalifornia
  • ”It made me change not only the way I dance, but the way I teach”

    Xavier EstrellaDenmark
  • "I would not miss any of these intensives"

    Mbango BaerFrance