TAP DANCE DAY- PARIS May 21-22. 2022

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TAP DANCE DAY -PARIS will take place on May 21st -22nd and present three international master-tap -dancers : Roxane Butterfly,  Travis Knights and Tanya Knights.

✴️*Saturday 21st of May : WORKSHOP – Parisian Tap Suite/Chapter 2

>The workshop engages three levels of students to be a part of a shared experience throughout the whole afternoon, where they can collectively be a part of the creation of Parisian Tap Suite. This new concept of workshop allows everyone to enjoy the full spectrum of both the learning/teaching process of tap, and also to witness its creative outcome. New-comers can take routine 1, and attend as spectators the making of routine 2 and 3 for a small fee. Advanced dancers can take routine 2 and 3, and take advantage of routine 1 to warm up and broaden their pedagogic kit. This original format aims to bypass the frontiers of  “technique” and wishes regroup dancers around the concept of making rhythm together. All three teachers will create their part of the piece to a common track, and worshippers will get a chance to dance it all at the end of the workshop.

Travis and Tanya Knights are a Canadian based couple of tap dance artists who have been collaborating with Roxane Butterfly for a number of years, in the United States, Canada, Barcelona and soon in Paris!
They all have an outstanding and original path into the rhythmic world of tap and a shared love for jazz music which has been their meeting ground. More informations on their achievements across the globe are to be found on their respective websites : www.roxanebutterfly.com and www.travisnights.com.


>4:00-5:00pm: Routine 1 with Tanya (beginner)
>5:00-6:00pm: Routine 2 with Roxane (intermediate)
>6:00- 7:00pm: Routine 3 with Travis (advanced)

   FEES :
> Walk-in single classe / 20€ (✋15€ pour les élèves pro de la JD!!! )
> 3 classes : 45 €
> Watch a class: 5€

ADDRESS: Juste Debout School, 3 rue de l’Est, 75018 Paris (Métro 13 – Jules Joffrin)

✴️*Sunday 22nd of May: TAP NIGHT !
> Tap dance concert @ Babilo Jazz Club (info coming soon!)




A glance into the collaboration between Travis Knights and Roxane Butterfly



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